Carpet Steam Cleaning


Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne is a professional carpet cleaning firm that offers the best steam cleaning of carpets. Our carpet cleaning method is a healthy and safer choice of product, which means our services are eco-friendly. We remove all types of allergens from carpets, so it is safe and healthier for you and your pets.

Our carpet steam cleaning services use hot water extraction to safely remove soil, spills, dirt, odors, and spots from your carpet to prolong its life. So, when you require “steam cleaning carpet ,” near you contact Sparkle Office Cleaning.

How Our Steam Cleaning Method Work?

Carpet steam cleaning is the procedure of utilizing hot water to disinfect the carpets. If this is your first time working with a steam cleaner, you may be stuck in a dilemma or may be confused that it’s not the use of water that’s cleaning the carpet deeply.

As the water gains optimum temperature, the steam cleaner nozzle will emit steam to sterilize the carpet. This high-pressure steam will be effective for certain kinds of stains, but not for all. That’s why some other chemicals are also used in the steam cleaning method.

Benefits of Best Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Cleaning a dirty carpet gives a stunning look and keeps you healthier. Carpet cleaning by you can be cost-effective, but that’s not the only advantage. Steam cleaning is more perfect and beneficial than simple carpet cleaning. Here is the list of carpet steam cleaning benefits:
Prolong the carpet’s life span
Regular sanitizing and cleaning of carpets keeps them in top condition. Cleaning of stains hides how old the carpet is.
Avoiding Fleas
A dirty carpet grabs fleas and other insects. Flea bites can cause allergic problems and misery. We ensure the destruction of the entire life cycle of fleas with our carpet steam cleaning services.
Get Rid of Bed Bugs
Bed bugs also live in carpets just like fleas. Our professional and expert employees use steam cleaner to kill all the bed bugs from mattresses and carpets that keep your family safe and secure.
Removing of Smell
Stain-filled carpet gives a musty smell. We use steam cleaning to remove stains and deodorize the carpets. This process is also helpful for unpleasant odors like pet shit.
Diminishing of allergens and germs
Steam carpet cleaning uses hot water that kills the allergens and germs and stops the mold from further growing.
Easy to Remove Stains
Getting rid of stains is a much easier process with carpet steam cleaning. You do not need to hand-wash the carpet. Pet messes, wine, lipstick, and paint marks are easy to remove when treated with steam.

How to in-depth steam clean carpet?

Here are the steps for properly deep cleaning carpet while using a steam cleaner to disinfect the carpet.

Windows Opening

This procedure works with heat, so opening windows will allow the air circulation and prevent the moisture from building underneath the carpet.

Clear and Vacuum the Entire Carpet

Moving furniture, toys, papers, or any clutter out of the room will be more effective while carpet steam cleaning. So, we ensure as much cleaning of the floor as we can. We ensure complete the following:

  • Move out all the items like loose pens, papers, or toys from the carpet.
  • Remove the tables, chairs, and desks from the room to thoroughly clean the carpet. If your furniture is too heavy, we’ll place some plastic under it to protect it from moisture.
  • Dust the whole carpet before steam cleaning to prevent any contaminants that can be dragged into your carpet in succeeding stages.
  • Appropriate using of vacuum on carpet and under the furniture that were unable to remove form room.
  • We vacuum the carpet twice, first in one direction and then at a 90-degree angle from the first direction.
  • Vacuum from north to south and east to west.

Removing of Bad Spots and Stains

The best carpet steam cleaning Melbourne ensures the removal of some stains or blemishes that can’t be treated with a steam cleaner. We apply carpet stain remover or other natural products for this. When you apply stain remover solution to the carpet with a cloth, it works deeper into the carpet and doesn’t leave any stain or spot on the carpet.

Filling of Machine with hot water

Most steam cleaners have a heating mechanism for water. It can take some time to heat the water to the specific temperature needed to make steam. Overfilling of water tanks is not necessary; it takes as much water as the machine requires. There are also max fill lines given on the water tank.

Some carpet fiber may shrink due to hot water or harmful chemicals. Therefore, our professionals and well-trained staff at carpet steam cleaning Melbourne pay extra attention in such cases.

Some steam cleaners have extra space to put soap or cleaning products that mix with water later on. The carpet steam cleaning procedure also uses some detergents according to instructions.

Using too little soap can’t get the required results, and using too much soap can destroy your carpet or cause it to live within the carpet. So, appropriate soap is used in the machine reservoir.

Thorough Carpet Cleaning

There are specialized instructions for carpet steam cleaning, which we follow for deep carpet cleaning. Those guidelines are followed:

  • Start the procedure from the corner of the carpeted room. To slow down or fast and move forward or backward along the corner area, press the trigger.
  • Notice the water tank. Is there any dirt that can change the color of your water to brown? Working slowly and steadily is the main key to this process. You don’t have to be in a hurry while cleaning the carpet, because too quick cleaning leaves moisture under the carpet.
  • Repeat the process again and again to ensure the complete elimination of spots.
  • Then move to the next, continue the procedure to a full carpet clean.

Avoid Walking on Wet Clean Surfaces

Generally, it takes 4 to 5 hours to dry the carpet after using a carpet steam cleaner. In some cases, it can take up to 24 hours. A thermostat set at 70 degrees Fahrenheit is used to speed up the procedure. If your waking is obligatory, use plastic bags over your feet to save your carpet from getting dirty.

Allow it to dry completely

Carpet steam cleaners don’t dry the carpets. They apply heat for sterilizing purposes. To speed up the drying process, lock your room to avoid traffic and open your windows. How long it takes to be dry depends on many factors, such as humidity and outdoor weather conditions.

A floor fan can also be helpful in the drying process. People who live in highly humid climates can use moisture absorbers to prevent the growth of mold bacteria.

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