How to Clean a Shag Rug?

12 December 2021

How to Clean a Shag Rug?

Cleaning and maintaining your home is a lot of work, but cleaning shag rugs doesn’t have to be one of those tasks that you just don’t do. Shag rugs are popular in homes because they’re stylish, comfortable to walk on and come in a variety of colors. Cleaning shag rugs does take a little more effort, but it’s easy once a routine is established.

Follow this step-by-step guide on how to clean a shag rug:

  • Place the rug over a clothesline or railing outside so that the wind can help pull the dirt out of it. Shake well before bringing it back inside to remove any lingering grit from the rug. For particularly dirty areas, use a whisk broom or similar brush to work out stubborn stains or grime. Allow the rug to dry completely before moving on to cleaning it by hand inside.
  • Clean 1/4 of the rug at a time. Clean the area in rectangular motions, working from top to bottom. Use a brush or cleaning pad that is soft enough for shag rugs, but firm enough to penetrate any grease or grime. Cleaning hard-to-reach areas may require more detailed movements with the brush, while more exposed areas can be cleaned with broad strokes.
  • Cleaning shag rugs outside exposes them to outdoor bacteria which you don’t want inside your home, so make sure to vacuum up all dirt and debris when finished sweeping or brushing out stains on the rug.
  • Clean off any residue left on your floor by using an anti-fatigue mat which will help prevent slippery surfaces caused by moisture on hard-surface floors. Cleaning shag rugs on a hard surface floor may cause scratches to appear over time, so this step is necessary to protect your investment.
  • Clean any stains that remain after the first round of cleaning by using up to 1/4 cup of any ammonia product directly on the stain and allowing it to dry completely before brushing or vacuuming off excess residue. For tough stains like grass, pretreat with an all-purpose cleaner like Simple Green for added cleansing power, then treat with ammonia as directed above for best results.


  • Clean the rug again once every six months for optimal hygiene and comfort of use. Clean more often if they’re in high traffic areas which will become dirty faster. Cleaning shag rugs regularly will maintain a clean and healthy environment for your family. Cleaning shag rugs can take a little time, but it’s easy once the process is set in stone. Follow this guide to learn how to clean a shag rug at home with ease.
  • Remove all furniture from the room or area where you’ll be cleaning the rug. As with any carpet cleaning, it’s best if items on top of your rug are removed; otherwise, they could get damaged by the cleaner.
  • Sweep up debris on the floor under your rug with an industrial-strength broom or brush before vacuuming it. Cleaning up debris before you start vacuuming will help you remove a lot less dirt from your rug in the long run.

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