How to Deep Clean an Office?

30 November 2021

How to Deep Clean an Office?

What is a deep cleaning of an office?

A deep cleaning of an office is a thorough cleaning that goes beyond regular janitorial service and cleans all surfaces, including light switch plates, door handles, countertops, and more. While no two offices are exactly alike, this type of cleaning can generally take 4-5 hours to complete and requires special equipment like stair tools and telescoping wands for hard-to-reach areas.

How do you deep clean an office?

1) The biggest part of an office deep clean is taking down your company’s blinds and window dressings (on the inside) to wash them thoroughly with glass cleaner. You’ll then start in one corner of the room and dust everything from ceiling to floor including tops of doors, wall hangings (such as pictures, posters, and awards), ceiling tiles, light switch plates, air grid vents, countertops, and backsplash areas.

2) Dust and vacuum all baseboards and corners. This helps to remove accumulated dust and grime that might otherwise collect along windowsills, around shelves, or in other hard-to-reach places.

3) Clean the surfaces of your workstations. Whether you have cubicles or open floor plans, it’s time to give your desks a thorough cleaning. You’ll start with the top then move down to the keyboard area (don’t forget inside drawers!), underneath it, and around all edges of the desk. If you use filing cabinets, their handles need special attention too which means cleaning them up top and down below. If you have any office chairs, make sure to clean their armrests and backs as well!

4) Clean your telephones, lamps, and all other workstation accessories after dusting them off first. This includes anything that sits on or next to your desks that doesn’t get replaced every day – like the water cooler, coffee maker, or mini fridge.

5) Clear away all excess personal items from the floor so janitors can mop them.

6) Move onto walls with a special cleaning solution for various surfaces around the office including vinyl walls, tiled/wallpapered walls, or painted dry-walled spaces. Be sure to move light switches before washing along with these areas too! A thorough cleaning of baseboards will remove any dirt that may have been collected there.

7) Now it’s time to clean windows, which means removing your blinds and hangings first for washing before moving on to the outside of the windows with squeegees left out overnight. If you have a window on your door, make sure to clean its glass too.

8) After dusting all surfaces at workstations again, replace items on desktops using this order: computer monitor first, then keyboard tray below it. Finish by replacing telephones next before scooping up excess papers into filing bins or folders that are easy to replace in file cabinets or desks. You can then move on to replacing anything else that has been pulled out of drawers, shelves, or cubicles (like hanging files).

9) Replace blinds/window dressings on the outside of windows, then sweep up any dirt that may have accumulated along baseboards with a broom. You can now also dust cubicles or other areas too.

10) Finish by replacing office chairs to their original position after wiping down armrests and backs. This is also true for filing cabinets as well as anything else you cleaned during your deep clean!

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