5 Important Advantages of Getting a Recurring Office Cleaning Service

30 October 2023

5 Important Advantages of Getting a Recurring Office Cleaning Service

1.Make a positive first impression:

It’s impossible to recover from a first impression. Additionally, your physical office location can affect how people perceive your brand, business, and professionalism, just like your company’s website, social media accounts, and other online platforms. Effective communication with potential customers is one of a company’s most important and valuable assets, and in the eyes of the average consumer, a neat, well-kept businessworkplace suggests high-quality goods and/or services.

An organized workspace can help to project a good business image and inspire confidence. But what kind of message are you sending about how you conduct business, your attention to detail, and how you take care of your employees, let alone a client, if the first thing people notice is a cluttered reception area, scuffed up floors, stained and dirty carpet, untidy workstations, and overflowing wastebaskets?

Customers will (consciously or unconsciously) evaluate your brand and professionalism based on how your office, building, or facility looks and feels, and that includes any products or services you might be offering, whether you work in the food industry, own a consulting firm, or operate a car dealership. You don’t want to give a poor first impression and turn away customers because of a messy office if you’ve worked hard to build and enhance your professional image.

2.Enhanced employee contentment, job satisfaction, and output:

According to studies, a filthy, untidy, and disorganized workplace can negatively affect worker morale, focus, and their capacity to perform more productively, which can result in a drop in output.

On the other side, a tidy and uncluttered office fosters a culture where staff members feel valued and cared for. With fewer interruptions, they can concentrate on their work more effectively. Researchers at the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute have demonstrated through MRI and other techniques that our brains prefer order, and that a persistent visual cue of disarray depletes our cognitive resources and makes it harder to concentrate.

Additionally, they discovered that when office clutter was reduced, workers were happier, had higher concentration and information processing skills, and were more productive Every manager should priorities the satisfaction of their team members, and using a regular office cleaning service can help.

3.Reduction of employee absenteeism and work-related illnesses:

How spick-and-span are the workstations, bathrooms, and kitchen in your office really? Kimberly-Clark Professional, with the assistance of Charles Gerba, Ph.D., a microbiologist at the University of Arizona, carried out one of the most thorough and thorough investigations ever done on finding typical workplace hot areas where germs can lurk.

The study’s findings revealed that the typical desktop contains 20,961 germs per square inch. Along with that, there were 3,295 keyboard inputs, 1,676 mouse clicks, and a startling 25,127 phone calls. The washbasin and microwave door handles were discovered to be the dirtiest surfaces handled everyday. However, the area where office workers dine and prepare their lunches topped the list of office germ hot spots.

Poor personal hygiene is the primary contributor of germs in the workplace, according to a second study by environmental health specialist Dr Lisa Ackerley. Nearly 50% of office workers in the poll admitted they don’t wash their hands after using the lavatory.

According to Ackerley, if businesses improved their general cleaning procedure and employees improved their personal hygiene, the number of sick days taken by workers might be greatly decreased. Illnesses at work are more than just a hassle. It can occasionally close down a workplace entirely, such as when a highly contagious virus like COVID-19 or influenza (flu) is involved.

Healthy businesses encourage productive, healthy staff.

According to new data, the U.S. economy loses $576 billion annually as a result of poor health, according to the Integrated Benefits Institute, a top research organization in health and productivity. Of that sum, $227 billion, or 39%, comes from “lost productivity” brought on by employee absenteeism brought on by illness, or what researchers dubbed “presenteeism” (when people show up to work but are unable to function at their best owing to illness).

The Healthy Workplace Project, research led by Dr. Charles Gerba, found that keeping a clean workplace can help cut the risk of contracting the common cold or flu by up to 80%. Employee absenteeism reduced as hygiene and cleanliness improved, according to correlations.

4.Better air quality and enhanced health and wellbeing:

Indoor air quality is another factor that has a big impact on the productivity and health of your staff.When there is a lack of fresh air circulated throughout a building or workplace (a condition known as “tight building syndrome”), air is circulated too quickly within the workplace, toxic materials are present in the office, or polluted outside air is circulated into the workplace, there may be an indoor air pollution problem.

Dust, particle matter, and mould levels are decreased in a tidy and uncluttered work environment. A HEPA filter should be used to regularly hoover carpets, rugs and upholstery. Regular cleaning is also required for blinds and curtains. Make sure to get rid of any furniture, boxes, storage bins, chairs, or other objects that might be in the way of the air vents. Lack of sufficient air circulation can cause an office to feel stuffy, which can cause a variety of health issues.

Indoor air pollution can accumulate and lead to health problems like asthma or “sick building syndrome,” a condition that affects office workers and is often characterized by headaches and respiratory issues and is linked to unhealthy or stressful factors in the workplace, such as inadequate ventilation. Businesses need to ensure that their workplace is safe and healthy, that is, free of dangerous toxins and with access to clean, fresh air.

Maintaining a clean workplace will make it less likely for pollutants to accumulate, mix with the air, and potentially infect your staff. Your office may stay clean and reduce airborne dust, bacteria, and other particle matter hazards by using a regular office cleaning service.

 5.Improved time and resource management:

Employees shouldn’t have to take time out of their workdays to clean the employee break room, restock the paper towel dispensers in the restrooms or hoover the lobby. When there are expert cleaners on the job, more time can be spent on productive work. It is true that time is money. A reputable cleaning firm can also carry out cleanings after business hours without interfering with daily activities.

Saving money is a significant advantage of using a regular cleaning service. Consider the amount of money you would have to spend on cleaning tools and materials if you didn’t hire a cleaning service. Not to mention the expenditures associated with keeping costly cleaning equipment maintained and ensuring that cleaning materials are adequately supplied and kept.

Any necessary supplies and cutting-edge machinery will be brought to the task by a seasoned routine office cleaning service. Additionally skilled and knowledgeable are professional cleaners. They will be able to clean more successfully and efficiently since they will know the cleaning materials and tools to utilize for each task.

Why you’re building or office space needs sparkle office cleaning services:

We are professionally managed cleaning business with more than 10 years of expertise in the janitorial and commercial cleaning sectors. Your office or building will be cleaned and maintained by us using the best cleaning supplies, techniques, and modern tools.

We can fit your needs and schedule without interfering with your business operations, whether you’re searching for a daily, weekly, or monthly regular office cleaning service (after-hour cleanings are an option).

Our Guarantee of Customer Satisfaction:

Every time you use Sparkle office cleaning, you can rely on dependable, high-quality cleaning services. We support and have faith in the excellence of our offerings. If you are unhappy with any part of our service, we will happily make the necessary adjustments without charging you more within one business day. Our objective is to establish trust and solidify long-lasting connections with our clients.

Simply put, we value our clients and strive to deliver the highest-quality cleaning services. Our cleaning specialists are here to make your office dazzle and shine, whether you need a one-time clean or want to employ a regular office cleaning service for daily, biweekly, weekly, or monthly visits.

We offer with pride:

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