6 Signs of Mould From Your Commercial Tile

03 January 2022

6 Signs of Mould From Your Commercial Tile

There is a strong possibility that moisture can develop underneath tile floors and behind tile walls, so if you’re not careful, you can develop mould in places where you least expect it.

With mould, your rooms can develop a very foul smell that can repulse visitors and employees. For that matter, mould can also attract pests to your workplace, potentially making your problems even worse involving your visitors, tenants, and more.

Basic cleaning likely won’t be able to clean your tile effectively, so that’s why you need to hire a commercial cleaning service in Melbourne to prevent mould from growing underneath in the first place. Here are all the signs to watch out for if you suspect there is mould underneath or behind your tile.


If you don’t know what mould smells like, it has a musty odor, and the bigger the mould is allowed to grow, the stronger this odor becomes while also being present in a larger area of where your tile is situated. Thankfully, a bad odor can be easy for anybody to detect without requiring you to remove the tile first.

Dark Blotches

Another obvious sign of mould is dark blotches that show up on walls. This isn’t necessarily the mould itself, but moisture that grows and spreads over some time. Dark blotches are rare on tiling, because most tile options have a porous nature, but if you have drywall near your tiles with dark patches, that may be a cause for concern.


As mentioned previously, pests can appear in buildings thanks to their attraction to mould. Like mould, pests love a dark, moist habitat. They also tend to hide from people and avoid daylight. However if you find signs of pests with no end in sight, you likely have a bigger problem on your hands, and finding the source of that problem will be critical.

Loose Tile

Tile needs to be secure at all times with a professional installation with mortar, grout, or another strong adhesive. However, this adhesive can lose its strength from moisture that builds up between the subfloor and the surface, meaning the tile can become loose and pop out with enough force. Weakened adhesive is a bad sign, so if your tiles are dry for the most part, the moisture is often expected to come from the other side.


Over a long period, an untreated tile floor can experience dipping or warping. When this happens, you’ll find sections of this floor to be uneven with one another when they shouldn’t be. This happens because there is lots of moisture absorbed by your subfloors causing sections of them to bulge when they shouldn’t.


If your tile is painted or stained, moisture can also peel this paint off. Your tile will start to look weathered from this moisture, in you might need to give it a new coat of paint, if not replace the affected tiles. Like with dark blotches, this moisture can also cause paint from other wall types to peel off.


Hire a professional cleaning crew to effectively clean tile floors and walls. We use effective techniques to eliminate moisture from underneath the tiles without removing them. Routine cleaning will ensure your building will never grow mold or mildew, and of course, you can also have your carpets, bathrooms, and other areas of your building cleaned regularly for a better experience for everyone inside. There is no better reason to hire expert cleaners in Melbourne today.

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