Space and Pace: Melbourne’s Office Race

27 June 2024

Space and Pace: Melbourne’s Office Race

On regular mornings, in the Melbourne district, there is a repetition of the scene where employees often face clattered tables and meeting rooms filled with forgotten items. For many people, this scenario looks difficult to face constant repair.

Foundation of Space Optimization

Strategic cleaning is not about cleaning trash bins and vacuuming carpets but involves a process of decluttering, organizing, and maintaining a space that promotes efficiency. Sparkle Office believes in and nurtures strategic cleaning for better creativity and productivity. Eliminating piles of documents and obsolete equipment makes the place breathable.

Strategic Furniture placement 

The space-optimization, is often overlooked while furniture placement. Strategic positioning can drastically change clustered space into a spacious one. Arranging the furniture in a certain way helps smooth flow and accessibility. Spacious meeting rooms promote teamwork and continuous discussions. Multi-purpose furniture performs various tasks, thus saving space and resources.

Vertical space reaching new heights

With sufficient vertical area to utilize, why confine ourselves to floors? Junk surrounding desks and floors managed using vertical space. Shelves hanging on the walls and cupboards accommodate things occupying horizontal space to keep everything sorted in the office.

Effortless cleaning

Usability and cleanliness heavily depend on each other. Furniture with easy-to-clean surfaces is a must. Materials like glass, metal, and treated wood require low maintenance, less cleaning time, and improved productivity.


Office cleaning in Melbourne by Sparkle Office stands out from others by cultivating techniques that not simply clean but boost efficiency. They dig deeper into the surfaces, study the designs and organize them, ensuring no corner is left out.


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